Sala Sala
cd-salaThis is Sherefe’s newest album, including songs from Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon and Bulgaria. Sherefe’s rich sound is a melding of cello, bouzouki, oud, gadulka, saz, double bass, and Middle Eastern percussion –with evocative vocals on 8 of the 12 songs. Featuring James Hoskins, Jesse Manno, Zahara McLellan, Paul Brown and special guest vocalist Beth Quist, this album weaves a path through folk dance, belly dance and middle eastern classical styles. A full 78 minutes of Eastern Mediterranean soul food.

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cd-opiumThis album is a special collection of ballads and laments, drawn from different regional cultures, but all expressing the same theme of loss in love and war. It is a consistently mellow album; dreamy and dark, yet ecstatic at its own pace. With Jesse Manno: baglama, bouzouki, flutes, vocals, Meg York: clarinet, Beth Quist: vocals, hammered dulcimer, Cameron Powers, oud, bouzouki, vocals, James Hoskins: cello, Paul Brown: double bass, percussion, and Zahara: percussion.
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