Sherefe played live on Youtube¬† on April 17, 2021 as the inaugural concert of Alex’s Virtual Folk Art Series.

We (Sherefe +2 = Barbelfish) also published a Thank You video for Boulder International Folk Dancers and Ilana Baror for their support during the pandemic.

We play several times a month in the Boulder Denver area. We have a semi-regular gig at Caffe Sole. It’s a blast; there is a small dance floor with Greek, Turkish and belly dance going on. There is also a Glendi (Greek dance party) at the Avalon Ballroom now and then with most if not all Sherefe members playing in the Glendi band; you can check the Avalon schedule. For other shows, well, we don’t update this site often enough (but if you want to hire us for a private party please do!). ¬†Please join our email list for the latest event notices direct to your inbox…

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